Nassfeld Re-Opens With Fabulous Conditions

Filed under: Snow & Piste Reports — TheSkiBug February 13, 2014 @ 1:38 pm

NassfeldAnd after two weeks of more or less constant snow we managed to get on top of the snow shovelling and decided to have a few hours at Nassfeld snowboarding. There were quite a few runs still not piste’d and a couple of the lifts not working, as they were still digging out the bottom of the chairlifts, but conditions were amazing and the sun was shining.


And it snows…and snows….and snows…..

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snow in CarinthiaWell we were hoping for some more snow as it was getting pretty sketchy towards the bottom of some of the slopes towards the middle January and some of the lower resorts were struggling, but when it came, it simply did not stop. It started snowing heavily on the evening of 29th January and by Thursday morning we had 20 or 30 cm , it snowed all day and by Friday morning there was well over a metre. It took us several hours just to clear a path from the back door to the barn and make an area for the dogs to go along. By the evening the amount of snow was ridiculous.


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