Sapareva Banya

Filed under: Places to Visit — TheSkiBug February 11, 2017 @ 6:01 pm

After a week of dealing with sewerage problems and with the weather rather murky and dreary, we decided to treat ourselves to a day at a mineral spa. This time we opted to drive the 20 minutes to Sapareva Banya, on the road to Dupinitsa from Samokov. Its an easy drive on a fairly good road (once you get past the slightly pot-holed bit heading out of Samokov) and the spa baths are easy to find. Just turn off the main road for Sapareva Banya (or you can take the first turning through the village of Sapareva) follow the road through the centre of the town. You’ll pass the natural hot geyser on your right and just past there you will see a the mineral spa baths. You can usually park on the edge of the road just a little further along or there is paid parking just down below the pools. 

Sapareva BanyaYou can either go down through the gates to where the main ‘treatment’ area is and there is a building on your left with glass doors, giving access to the indoor and outdoor pools and where various other baths and treatments are available. Or you can follow the sign the the outdoor baths entrance and go down the steps to the kiosk there. It is 14 levs for access to the indoor and outdoor pools, or 8 levs for access to just the outdoor pools. And a lev deposit per key for the lockers and access key. 


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