Bulgaria Snow Reports


We hope to be able to bring you updated reports on snow and piste conditions, particularly for Borovets as this is where we are based and where we ski regularly but also from friends that live and work in the other resorts. So for Bulgaria snow reports from Borovets, Pamporov and Bansko read on. 

Borovets Snow Report 


[Updated 4th February 2017]

Unfortunately it has now been a while since any real fresh snow fall and the runs are starting to get a little patchy. Yastrabets side was fairly hard packed and icy in places a couple of days ago and the Musala pathway was showing a lot of rocks and bare patches. As of today it has been raining at resort level and warm (4 degrees or so) but snow at the top down to around the mid gondola station. Markudjik 2-B (the red) is now officially closed. 

[Updated 11th February 2017]

We have been out on the mountain quite a bit the last few days. There has been a little bit of fresh snow improving the pistes a little. There has been low lying cloud in the valley and at resort level for several days now, but at the top the sun is shining and there are blue skies. All runs are open again including Markudjik 3, if you can hang on to the drag lift as it bounces you around. 

The Rila side is generally good. The bottom of the runs are fairly hard packed and now quite icy in places so care needs to be taken, especially the final descents of Martinovi Baracki 2 and 3. The black (Cherveno Zname) is also not in great condition with a few stoney patches and a lot of icy balls in places. However, higher up at the top of the Martinovi Baracki chair and the Stinyakovo Express conditions are very good and the snow is lovely. The Royal Residence Ski way is generally good all the way down. 

At the top of the gondola the pistes are in good condition. The black is quite moguly and Markudjik 3 and 2B are a bit hard packed in places. There is some fun off-piste to play in to the side of Markudjik 3, but be warned the drag lift is a ‘killer’. Very difficult for boarders. It gives you one heck of a jump start right at the bottom and then it is bumpy all the way up, often almost lifting you off the track. And its steep and fairly quick!

Musala pathway is in good shape, just the odd rock on the steeper corners where the snow has been scraped off but overall snow cover still very good all the way down . 

[Updated 27th February 2017]

MarkudjikUnfortunately the warm temperatures are meaning the slopes are suffering. At the top of the Gondola the Markudjik black is shut and has massive patches of grass on it. The red is officially open but is looking patchy. The blue is ok but very heavy sloppy snow. “Marky 3” is still open. The green is in good condition still. The Musala path is now officially closed and according to others very patchy. 

Yastrabets area is holding up ok but the runs are very heavy going and chopped up in the afternoon but snow cover is still ok. You can still ski down to the bottom of the gondola. 

It can be fairly icy in the mornings and then slushy in the afternoon. The Rila side is holding up ok as there is more snow making capabilities and a better base from earlier in the season. 

Some weather forecasts and reports are saying there is some snow due, others saying just rain so fingers crossed as otherwise will be a poor end to an otherwise good season. 


Markudjik red

The Markudjik red


 Pamporovo Snow Report

[UPDATED 14th Jan 2017 following visit by friend] 

Most runs open in Pamporovo, and all nicely piste’d. Did not notice any rocks coming through, & I was on the lookout seeing as I have new skis! A few bottle necks where pistes cross/come together, but on the whole no problems and lovely long runs. Resort fairly quiet, no lift queues to speak of. Took the free shuttle bus to Mechi Chal, which runs every half hour on the hour and on the half. Takes about 15 to 20 mins. Only one chairlift there, but the runs were great! Reds, Blue and a Green section. Really long runs and well worth it .  Also for car parking, we find it best in Pamporovo at ski centre 2, Malina. Large parking area, only 5 lev for the day and close to the ticket office and equipment hire centres (if you need to hire). 

Overall fabulous ski-ing conditions. 

Bansko Snow Report 

[UPDATED 14th Jan 2017] :- Bansko has had a good dump of snow over the last couple of weeks with more forecast for the next few days. It has been bitterly cold and also very windy, with the top part of the gondola being closed and some top pistes not being open. Snow cover is great. 

[UPDATED 5th Feb 2017] :- There has been a snowboarding competition on in Bansko this last week, meaning the odd run was closed for the competition and so pushing everyone else recreationally ski-ing onto other runs, making it pretty busy. Also reports coming from Bansko say the lift queue for the gondola is extremely long, well over an hour waiting time, likely more. 



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