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Borovets Weather Reports

[N.B Long term weather reports are not usually that accurate] 

According to the long term weather forecast from, the weather for Borovets is staying pretty sunny and warm for the rest of August. In September temperatures will drop a little and there will be several rainy days. Temperatures will stay fairly decent through into October and there will just be the odd few days of rain. November will see some colder days but will mostly dry. Towards the end of the month temperatures could drop towards freezing and there could be a small amount of snow. December starts with temperatures around the 7 to 8 degree mark in the day and mainly clouds with the sun poking through. But by the second half of December temperatures barely get above freezing and its looking like there will be several snowy days. This continues through January with a few very cold days thrown in (although nothing compared to last January if this weather forecast is to be believed). The last few days of January are warmer with sunny weather, but my mid February its cold and snowy again. 

UPDATE 28th December 2017

And so far the above has been fairly accurate. December was really warm for the time of year and after a brief cold spell and some snow it went warm again, unfortunately meaning the snow cannons could not operate and there was no decent base for the ski-ing. 

The last couple of weeks have seen it go colder with some snow, but not a lot and last few days have been really warm and much of the snow lower down as melted. 

The forecast for the next week or so does not show any significant snow fall. Temperatures are not that low, only dipping just below freezing at night down in Samokov and not much colder up in resort. Its going to be around the 4 or 5 degree mark in the day and fairly sunny. A little snow is forecast for end of next week (4th & 5th Jan 2018) and then back to sunny again. 


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