Dolna Banya Hot Mineral Spa

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As the weather was not so good we decided to try one of the various hot mineral pools in the area and opted to drive over to Dolna Banya hot mineral spa, on the other side of Borovets to Samokov. It was snowing pretty heavily as we made out way over the mountain past Borovets and the road was not cleared or gritted. Of course this did not stop the Bulgarians trying to overtake. The journey took maybe around 45 minutes to reach Dolna Banya. Its not the most attractive of towns and there is little on way of nice traditional restaurants. 

Dolna Banya hot mineral spaOne of the Dolna Banya hot mineral spa pools is at the Motel, which is right on the edge of the road leading out of Dolna Banya towards Kostenets (on the left). There was plenty of parking in front of the hotel. We opted to have lunch first. The restaurant maybe lacks any real atmosphere but the food was good, if the service was a little slow and the prices were very reasonable. It was around 20 levs for 3 plates of food a couple of drinks. 

Then it was off to the pool. You pay at reception and it was 10 levs each plus a 2 lev each deposit for the locker keys. You could pay more to use the indoor sauna. It was a little confusing as to how you actually got to the pool and in the end someone had to come and show us the way back outside and round the side of the building to the turn-style access gate. There is one large pool which is between 28 to 30 degrees, a small side pool/jacuzzi which is around 34 to 36 degrees and then the child’s pool which is 40 to 42 degrees. 

Dolna Banya hot mineral spaThe water comes out at a temperature of 67,8°С and it is used to treat rheumatic and skin conditions as well as diseases of the cardiovascular, the pulmonary, the digestive, the motor, the nervous and the reproductive system. 

The changing rooms were small and basic but warm and adequate, with a small room with lockers in it and a chair and a toilet/shower at the back. There was one for men and one for women. Then it was a short hop across the cold snowy patio area to the pool. The pools have quite a lot of black lichen attached to the sides and floating around, once disturbed. But it was lovely to float around in the hot steamy pools, while the snow fell all around. 

Dolna Banya hot mineral spa

The black lichen was a little disconcerting.

Dolna Banya hot mineral spa

Changing rooms

For more information visit the hotel website

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