Recommendations in Borovets/Samokov

So we will make it our mission to eat in as many different restaurants as we can, visit various bars and so on, all in the name of bringing you reviews of the best places ๐Ÿ™‚ :- 

Transfers to Resort

Chris Borovets Transfers -> Run by Chris & Suzanne Barker, and their daughter also works for the company, you’ll get a personal friendly service at good prices, free bottle of water in the van, stop at shops or change buro if needed on way to resort, free wifi in vans. And a special discount card for various restaurants and bars. 

Hotels & Apartments in Borovets

Obviously as we have a house near resort we have not really stayed in any of the apartments or hotels. However, we did pop into the Yastrabets hotel for a drink on the sun terrace the other day and took a quick look inside. Bit pricey but very swish ๐Ÿ™‚ And we also had a look around Borovets-Hills apartments and hotels complex and its lovely inside (did not see any rooms) with nice spa area. You can use the spa as a guest for 20 levs a day.  

Restaurants in Borovets

We don’t tend to eat up in resort that often as its pretty expensive compared to down in Samokov and usual Bulgarian prices, but there are some good places we have tried and we’ll add to this list. 

Green King -> Lovely small friendly place, excellent food, good value for resort. One of cheaper places for beer! Opposite Gondola car park. 

Mamacita’s -> Mexican themed restaurant, decent food and live music most nights. Good atmosphere. 

George’s -> Not sure it classes as a restaurant but is a must if ski-ing in Borovets. You need to take the Stinyakovo chair up to the top and then the green track that goes from just near where small drag lift finishes (careful crossing drag lift) and then follow the track a little way until get to some buildings (fabulous house belonging to former king of Bulgaria) and just on the right is a little BBQ area and seats and George cooking home-made sausages served with bread and sauce and chilli’s. And hot wine and usually rakia! The track will involve a little pole-ing and maybe a bit of walking for snowboarders. 

Bars in Borovets

Again compared to going for a few drinks down in the town, Borovets is much more expensive, but there are some nice bars for Apres-Ski, some with live music like OTP bar where Pete plays guitar on Thursdays and Sundays. There are cosy little places and more lively larger bars. 



Cum Inn – New bar just opened this season (2017/2018), nice lounge feel. Free shot and some great deals on Tequila shots! 

Restaurant in Samokov

There are so many great restaurants in Samokov and still more we have to try. 

Old House – You’ll often need to book as it is very popular but lovely decor and tables in individual rooms. Food great and not really anymore expensive than elsewhere in Samokov. Great value over all. 

Velcheva Zavera – We really like it here. Its traditionally done out, friendly waitresses, good menu, food is excellent and we have been several times. Good prices. Its in the centre of town. The swords are massive with loads of meat and vegetables and easily feed two people. 

Delight – Something a little different to the traditional Bulgarian restaurants as its more modern. Similar menu to other places and food decent enough but the biscuit ice-cream cake was excellent! 

Kaimakanovata kashta – Another of our favourites and another you will probably need to book. By the “canal” on far side of Samokov. Food is amazing. Grandfather’s salad fabulous! Friendly staff and great prices. 

Target – If you fancy something different and a change from the traditional Bulgarian atmosphere and meal then you should try Target. Good prices and good food. The “fajita’s” are excellent and massive. 

Derby – More modern ‘sport’s bar’ feel to it but again good food, good prices. 

Sote – On the road up to Borovets in the park, nice traditional atmosphere, good food, maybe a little bit more expensive than other restaurants in the area but recommended all the same. 

Rido – At least think this is what it is called. On the hill overlooking Samokov it has amazing views from the terrace. Good food at good prices. 

Kokoshova Kushta – Slightly strange decor but good food, always been really quiet whenever we have been in. 

Kestinite (Chestnuts) – Situated on road out to Dupinitsa, lacks a little atmosphere and service not always fantastic, but usually fairly quiet and good menu and food and good prices. 

Casino bistro/bar -> In centre of Samokov and a good spot for a quick pizza at cheap prices. Open pretty much all the time even when everything else is shut and open till fairly late. Pizzas are pretty good too! 

The kebab places in the centre are also fantastic!! 








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