Villach Thermal Spa

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We have been talking about going to the thermal spa resort for a while. And seeing as we seem to have missed out on the snow much of there best of Europe has had, but mainly because we have been redecorating the bathroom and so not able to have a decent wash for a few days, we decided to head to the thermal spa at Villach.

Villach Thermal Spas

Photo from Facebook page of the spa – kaernten therme

First impressions….not great…..we followed the signs on the edge of Villach, parked in the car park and then where to go…..we wandered around and eventually decided to head for the train station and saw a sign pointing to the thermal spa on the other side of the under-pass. Then we were a little confused by the ticket options. You could either just pay for a ‘fun pass’, which seemed to be just the pool and slides and was around 21 Euros for the day or you could have the ‘fun and spa pass’ which was close to 30 Euros each for the day. We opted for the latter and were given a ‘watch’ each to wear and told we pay on the way out. This it seemed was a type of scanner to get you into various areas.

Having managed to negotiate the high tech entrance turn styles and found the changing rooms and use the ‘space’ age locker systems, we made our way down to the main pool area. The water is lovely and warm and there is plenty of seating around the edge. A separate pool starts off inside and then goes outside, where jets create a jacuzzi effect every so often.

Photo from Facebook page of the spa -kaernten therme

Photo from Facebook page of the spa -kaernten therme

Inside there are three slides, two covered and one a shorter open slide. Of the two covered slides, there is the “sightseeing slide”, although you can’t see much due to the condensation on the inside of the tunnel. Your slides are timed and the best of the day recorded. The ‘silver’ tunnel allows you to choose whether to go down in the dark, with disco lights or in ‘hell’ in red lighting!!! And there are 10 touch sensors on the way down to see if you can get them all!

There is also a kiddie’s pool and a few quiet areas and a restaurant. You do not need to carry any money around with you, just flash your ‘watch’ and you are billed for everything on the way out.

And then there is the ‘river’ rafting. It does not look much but you take a larger rubber ring and float around a small enclosed channel and then you are propelled up a slope by the force of the water and whoosh you rocket round the corner and down to the bottom again!

On the first and second floors there are the spa facilities.  There is a large Turkish Hammam with two rooms – one eucalyptus and one herbal scented and then on the top floor there is an open area jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna and another Turkish steam room and Sauna. There is also a large swimming pool for training.

Definitely worth a trip to the thermal baths at Villach and we came away clean and relaxed!

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